Bridge Steel Plate Sheet

Standard: ASTM, JIS, GB, AISI, DIN, BS, EN
Grade: S275, s355
Specification (any size by request):
Thickness: 0.2-1250mm. or as your request
Width: 0.5m-3m or as required
Length: 1m-13m or as required

Availability : IN STOCK

The selection of a specific type of bridge steel plate sheet depends on the bridge’s design, the type of traffic it will carry, and the environmental conditions in the area. Steel plate sheets can be manufactured with varying levels of corrosion resistance, strength, and ductility.

The manufacturing process for bridge steel plate sheets typically involves heating and rolling steel into the desired shape and thickness. The plates are then cut to the required length and width and may undergo further processing, such as welding or surface treatment, to meet specific project requirements.

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Packaging and Shipping

1. Wood pallet packing cover with water-proof paper

2. Steel pallet packing cover with water-proof paper

3. Wood box packing

4. Steel pallet packing cover with steel box

5. In bundles with steel strip no extra packing

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